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Bibliography · Met-Fest: Masculinities in the City

Met-Fest: Masculinities in the City

„Met-Fest: Masculinities in the City“ was India’s first ever festival on men and masculinities which „aims to be an inter-disciplinary, cross-cultural insight into varying aspects of contemporary urban masculinity, also known dubiously as metro-sexuality. The term metro-sexuality here is not used to signify any specific fashion or marketing centric definition but used inclusively to refer to several paradigms of contemporary masculinity.“ It was conceived, curated and presented by Red Earth, a group which organizes events such as performances, talks, workshops and art exhibitions and took place from 5th to 15th October 2005 in Mumbai.
The festival included art and photography exhibitions like „Metrospective: Visual Representations of Metrosexuality“, curated by Himanshu Verma or „Exiles. Photographs by Sunil Gupta“, documentary photographs of gay men congregating in various cruising locales in Delhi, presented by Fotomedia. Furthermore there have been talks, workshops and discussions as well as theatre plays and dance, music and film performances.

Masculinities in the City


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