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1-0-1 [one 'o one] intersex

From 18th of June until 31st Juli 2005 the exhibition “1-0-1 [one ‘o one] intersex” was shown in the art space of the “Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst e.V.” (NGBK) in Berlin.
This archive and exhibition project grappled with questions of societal dealings with intersexuality, of normativity with body concepts and as well as with the consequences and regulations which result from gender binarity in society. The artistic and activistic contributions developed visual counter strategies against dominating representations of a binary gender system. The exhibition was accompanied by a program including film shows, workshops, readings, lectures and performances. A catalogue and a documentation came out, edited by the “Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst e.V.”.

Participating artist:

Ins A Kromminga
Eli se Mbessakwini
Roz Mortimer
Tyyne Claudia Pollmann
Terre Thaemlitz
Del LaGrace Volcano.


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