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Today the internet and the web-based communication are important tools for the production, distribution and organisation of genderreflexive thinking and acting. The thematic spectrum of such webprojects is broadly based and multifaceted. It lasts from representations of single activist projects over web-based representations of women, lesbian, gay and transgender organisations until gender discussing web-blogs.

Additionally to these kind of projects, you can find a huge number of academic papers, published in the internet and a lot of web-based representations of courses of studies, institutes and academic organisations which deal with the different fields within gender studies and gender research.

These mulitplicity can not be gathered completely and furthermore a lot of projects and initiatives show an interleave between “real” and “digital” spaces.

The focus of the section web of the project “Doing Beyond Gender” points on web-based strategies and projects which operate specifically with the media internet to cross and deconstruct symbolic gender orders. This approach includes web-based activist forms of organisation.


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