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Delhi Queer Pride '08

Come join the Delhi Queer Pride ‘08
on Sunday 29th June 2008 at 5.30 pm

New Meeting Point:
We assemble at the corner of Barakhamba Road and Tolstoy Marg, just south of the Metro station on Barakhamba Road, and in front of the Intercontinental Hotel on Tolstoy Marg.
We will then march to Jantar Mantar, where we will have celebrating, singing, speeches and a candlelight vigil.

This June, for the first time, Queer Pride celebrations will erupt on the streets of Delhi, alongside simultaneous marches in Kolkata and Bangalore!

Queer Pride is a celebration. It is about loving who we are, whether lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, hijra or straight, and affirming everyone’s right to be respected for their own sexual choices.

This year, queer people, friends, and allies take this message to the streets!

– Forward this message widely to your queer friends and straight allies—lets get everyone to CP!
If you want to be out on the street and yet under cover, we will provide masks to cover your face, or bring something along yourself. Nevertheless, please remember this is a public event.

Delhi Queer Pride Commitee is an open forum of city residents. Anyone can join – please email to be part of organising Delhi Queer Pride ‘08. We are also fundraising for the Pride, so email if you want to contribute or volunteer!


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