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Lipstick Conspiracy · Lisa Jackson & Girl Friday

Lipstick Conspiracy

Lipstick Conspiracy, © Photo: Larry Utley, 2006

I know that we have, in our short two-year existence, already been an inspiration to other transgender artists. And this is wonderful. I also know that music is a tough business, even for straight people, let alone transgender. We have a burning desire to make an impression in the musical community. We will have to show the world that we are not a gimmick, and certainly not the drag queen types that dress up as women just for entertainment. We are transgender girls first and foremost, and we just happen to be in an all transgender rock band.

(Marilyn Mitchell in an interview with Robert Urban)

Lipstick Conspiracy

Sarafina Maraschino
Vocals, rhythym/lead guitar, slide guitar

Marilyn Mitchell
Vocals, bass guitar, lead guitar

Tori Tait
Keyboards, programming, vocals

Shawna Love
Vocals, lead/rhythm guitar, bass guitar

Lipstick Conspiracy


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