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Sadie Benning

At the age of 15, Sadie Benning, born 1973 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, started to make films with a “Pixelvision” camera.
Central in her films was her life, her coming-out as a lesbian, her growing-up with all it’s requests. Furthermore she developed her films on the background of pop culture, playing with elements of hollywood and MTV, broaching the issues of violence in childhood, lesbian sex life, self defined sexuality and rebellion within the context of early “Riot Girl” movement.


Aerobicide (1998) video clip for Julie Ruin, 4 min.
Flat is Beautiful (1998) 50 min.
German Song (1995) 5 min.
The Judy Spots (1995) 11 min.
Girlpower (1992) 15 min.
It Wasn’t Love (1992) 20 min.
A Place Called Lovely (1991) 14 min.
If Every Girl Had A Diary (1990) 6 min.
Jollies (1990) 11 min.
Me and Rubyfruit (1990) 6 min.
Living Inside (1989) 6 min.
A New Year (1989) 6 min.

Sadie Benning – text by Gary Morris

Sadie Benning – text by Melissa Rigney

Sadie Benning – Filmwinter


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