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Damn Fine Art by New Lesbian Artists

A study of contemporary lesbian art (until mid nineties) engaging a wide range of international artists from Mexico to Ireland. From painting and photography, sculpture and mixed media installations, to cartoons, furniture, and silicon, it provides an analysis of a diverse selection of work, and places it in the wider cultural, social, and political context.

Artists include: Rachael Field, Leonore Chinn, Mary J. Kerr, Natasha Kassner, Lucinda Oestreicher,Tove Hirth, Nicola Tyson, Patricia Hurl, Judie Bamber, Birgitta Hosea, E.G. Crichton, Monica Majoli, Carrie Moyer, Della Grace, Catherine Opie, Laurence Jaugey-Paget, Sadie Lee,Veronica Slater, Deborah Kass, Nicole Eisenman, Patricia Cronin, G.B. Jones, Lola Flash, Tessa Boffin, Leone and Macdonald, Linda Matalon, Elizabeth Ross, Christina Berry, Fierce Pussy, Ingrid Pollard, Mandy McCartin, Gill Ord, Julia Kunin, Lisa Kokin, Millie Wilson, Andy Cohen, Olivia Clavel, Leslie Bostrom, Patricia Torres, Sue McMorran, Lesley Ruda, Jess McVey, Michelle Gregor, Ange et Damnation, Max L. White, China Marks, Svar Simpson, Linda Dement.

Cheryl Smyth: Damn Fine Art by New Lesbian Artists, London: Cassell, 1996.


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