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Wayne Yung

born 1971 in Edmonton, Canada in a Chinese Family. Lived in Vancouver, Hongkong, Berlin, and Hamburg, in the moment in Cologne studying at the Academy of Media (Kunsthochschule für Medien) in Cologne.

As author, actor and video artist he discusses questions of ethnicity and identity from the Canadian-Chinese perspective. In Vancover he was active at Video in Studios, an independent centre for video and media art. As curator, teacher and co-worker in film projects he supports young and independent artists in Canada, USA and Germany. He traveled around to world to represent his work at different film festivals, for ex. Vancouver Out on Screen Festival (2001), Seoul Queer Film & Video Festival (2000) and Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival (1999).


Shan Xia Di: Under the Mountain
38’51 Canada/Germany 2004
A Chinese-Canadian grandson mixes travelogue, family history, and personal reflections, as he visits the ancestral village for the first time.

Postcard to an Unknown Soldier
4’27 Canada/Germany 2004
“It seems like this war keeps happening, again and again. Maybe it never really ends.”

My German Boyfriend
18’29 Canada/Germany 2004
A gay Chinese-Canadian encounters ethnic stereotypes as he seeks his ideal boyfriend in Berlin.

1000 Cumshots
1’00 Canada/Germany 2003
A fast-paced meditation on race and gay pornography.

My Heart the Travel Agent
1’30 Canada/Germany 2002
A dream about subways and foreign boyfriends, part of My Heart Series III.

Chopstick Bloody Chopstick
co-directed with Shawn Durr
14’19 Canada 2001
Homogore slasher flick meets experimental identity tape.

The Photographer’s Diary
26’16 Canada 2001
A homoerotic dance video inspired by the art of Montreal photographer Evergon.

Field Guide to Western Wildflowers
5’37 Canada 2000
The first asian kiss: fantasizing about it, talking about it, doing it.

Davie Street Blues
12’35 Canada 1999
After his boyfriend leaves, a young man is lost in nostalgia and depression.

Search Engine
4’08 Canada 1999
A gay asian uses technology to remember boyfriends past, in the search for boyfriends future.

4’47 Canada 1999
A poetic exploration of one man’s fall from grace, as he becomes disillusioned with gay ideals of desire.

The Queen’s Cantonese
32’41 Canada 1998
A queer Cantonese parody of language instructional tapes.

Surfer Dick
3’20 Canada 1997
A dance video satirizing gender roles, both queer and straight.

Lotus Sisters
4’59 Canada 1996
Two young gay Asians banter about the West Coast queer asian experience.

One Night in Heaven
5’56 Canada 1995
A queer Asian karaoke spoof, following a new boy in town as he discovers the dark side of the big city.

Peter Fucking Wayne Fucking Peter
4’31 Canada 1994
A queer love letter using poetry and sexual imagery to describe the romantic tensions caused by differences in age, race, and HIV status.

Wayne Yung


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