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Gendertronics · Painful but fabulous


Gendertronics – Der Körper in der elektronischen Musik

With contributions from Olaf Arndt, Claudia Basrawi, Jochen Bonz & Thomas Meinecke, Mariola Brillowska, Kurt Dahlke, Diedrich Diederichsen, Harald Fricke, Tom Holert, Miss Kittin, Pinky Rose, Birgit Richard, Terre Thaemlitz, Marc Weiser and 17 black and white drawings by Jan Rohlf.

When, in the early 50s, electronic music appeared on the scene with the promise of abandoning all physical limits of music-making this was – like much besides – a Promethian male fantasy. Indeed, this music subsequently led to everything but disembodiment. From the psychedelic trances of the 60s and Kraftwerk robotics of the 70s, through to Techno ecstasies, gender-political interventions in the 90s and laptop performance – the questions as to how, from whom, to what ends and in which contexts electronics and the human body might be cable-linked have continually had to be addressed anew.

In German language only.

club transmediale, Meike Jansen (Hg.): Gendertronics – Der Körper in der elektronischen Musik, Frankfurt a. M.: edition suhrkamp, 2005


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