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Laura Cottingham

Laura Cottingham is an art critic, living in New York City. She taught contemporary art issues in the College of Art at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in NYC. She published various books and articles, focusing mainly on questions of feminism and art.

In 1994 she curated the exhibition section “Incandescent”, an all-woman exhibition of film, painting, performance, installation, sculpture and video drawn from artists in Europe, Japan and the United States as for example Cheryl Dunye, Gillian Wearing, Cosima von Bonin, Barbara Kruger, Diane DiMassa, Sue Williams, Deborah Kass for the contemporary art exhibition “NowHere” at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (Denmark), which was part Copenhagen European Cultural Capital 1996.

In 1997 she developed the exhibition “Vraiment feminisme et art” at Le Magasin Centre National d’Art Contemporain de Grenoble, France.

1998 she produced the video essay „Not For Sale: Feminism and Art in the USA during the 1970s“ about the history of the early Feminist Art Movement. This essay, based on interviews, is a documentation, including original and unseen film material about performances, panel discussions, actions etc. that show the amount of creative and political energy generated within the Women’s Liberation Movement in the US during the ‘seventies.

Together with Leslie Singer she made the film „The Anita Pallenberg Story“ – a film about the main groupie of the Rolling Stones Anita Pallenberg. The story is an example for the position of women in Rock’n Roll music but in music and art business as well. The German photographer Cosima von Bonin for example plays Anita Pallenberg and the painter Nicole Eisenman band member Keith Richards. More information including a text by Laura Cottingham you can find on haussite – a website and documentation of the program of former artistic director of Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Fareed Armaly.

Bibliography (selection)

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(with others)

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(with Cherry Smith)

How many “bad” feminists does it take to change a lightbulb?, New York: Sixty Percent Solution, 1994 (French edition, 2002)

Videos (selection)

“Incandescent”: A Survey of the Exhibition
by Laura Cottingham, Sally Sasso and Leslie Singer; 20 min.; USA, 1996.

Not For Sale: A Video History of the Feminist Art Movement in the United States a work in progress; by Laura Cottingham, with editing by Sally Sasso and Leslie Singer; produced by Hawkeye Productions (New York); 30 min., USA.


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